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Eye tracking study

If you own a website, you'll want to read this post.

What do people do when they visit your website? Where do their eyes move? What attracts them?

Some researchers have used high tech tools to figure that out. In a study called "Eyetrack III" researchers tracked the eye movements of normal people while they surfed the web. And they found a common pattern that looks something like:

"The eyes most often fixated first in the upper left of the page, then hovered in that area before going left to right. Only after perusing the top portion of the page for some time did their eyes explore further down the page."

Of course, people view different sites in a different way. But taking averages, their eyes first fixate on the upper left of the page. It might be a good idea to show your headline or an eye catching picture there, that would make the people interested in viewing the entire page.

The pic below shows the zone of importance, according to peoples eye movements:

It might be a good idea to take this picture as a template to decide where important content should go.

To read more about the Eyetrack III research, click here.

  • A cool tool that lets you analyze peoples movements through your website: Clicktracks. Its a bit expensive at $495. But they give a free trial. Use the free trial to see where people come from, where they go, which links they click at, etc. Remove the links that people don't click, reduce the cluster, and your sales will increase.
  • A lite, free and online version of a similar tool is statcounter. It doesn't have the same functionalities, but is very good for its price.
  • You've got to read "Why We Buy" by Paco Underhill. Its a book that will help you learn how people move in stores and malls. Borrow it from your library or buy it from

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